Smashing Magazine

I'm pretty sure every designer who reads blogs know about Great articles and fresh content keep me coming back to this site. I was even featured in one of their articles about effective Twitter backgrounds



Even though really I love print, web, and package design, I think I might love product design even more. I've always been a huge advocate enginuity and outside of the box thinking, so checking every morning is always a must for me.


Design Float

For a while I was checking 12-15 different design blogs every morning for new content. Then I discovered, which is essentialy for design articles.


Comics Alliance

Your morning reading shouldn't be all business, and that is why I go to I'm a big fan of toys and action figures, so when I found a site that had comic, movie, and toy news all in one spot, I knew I could cross some other blogs off my list.


Here is where a brief description about the piece can go. Maybe a few words about the project details; scope, timeline, medium, obstacles...

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